Troy Moore Undergraduate Essay Contest

The Troy Moore Undergraduate Essay Contest in Ethics


The 2017-2018 Troy Moore Undergraduate Essay Contest in Ethics

Prizes: First $250, Second $150, Third $100

The Troy Moore essay contest is an annual competition that challenges Georgia State University undergraduates to analyze the urgent ethical issues confronting them in today’s complex world. Students are encouraged to write thought-provoking essays that address ethical questions in a reasoned and rigorous way.

This year’s suggested topics:

  • Critically assess an argument about the ethics of commemorating persons and events that are historically important but also associated with injustice and tyranny.
  • Set out and critically explore an argument about the scope and limits of freedom of expression on college campuses. .
  • Carefully examine the ethical aspects or implications of a major literary work, a film, or significant piece of art.
  • Articulate with clarity an ethical problem or puzzle you have encountered and analyze what it has taught you about ethics, yourself, or the world.


In writing their essays, students are also encouraged to draw upon scholarly work in a field relevant to their topic.  For example, an essay might discuss and critically assess the competing views of two or three philosophers, political theorists, or legal scholars.

Essays are due to Lauren Cooper, [email protected], by noon eastern time on Friday, January 19, 2018. (MS Word or .pdf format only). No late papers will be accepted.

Please read the rules carefully.