Presentations for Students

Jessica Flanigan (Jepson School of Leadership, University of Richmond), “Rethinking Chronic Pain,” March 21, 2023. Cosponsored with the Center for Ethics Student Forum.

Sandra Shapshay (Department of Philosophy, CUNY), “Schopenhauer on Moral Perception: Was he truly a Pessimist?” (April 19, 2022).


Symposium on Reproductive Healthcare

Monday 11/14, 11AM-12:15 PM – 25 Park Place, 2nd floor, room 223

“ Perspectives from Religion”


  • Prof. John Blevins, Associate Research Professor at the Emory School of Public Health
  • Prof. Monique Moultrie, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, GSU
  • Prof. Jonathan Crane, Schinazi Scholar of Bioethics and Jewish Thought, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Religion, Emory University

Event Recording

Wednesday 11/16, 11AM-12:15 PM – 25 Park Place, 2nd floor room 223

“Perspectives from Ethics and Public Policy”


  • Prof. Allison M. Whelan, JD, MA in Bioethics, GSU College of Law
  • Mary Ann Bowman Beil, Vice President of Corporate Ethics, Memorial University Medical Center, Savannah, GA

Event Recording


The Center for Ethics Student Forum in partnership with the Religious Studies Student Forum hosted a discussion on themes of public health in times of COVID. The event, moderated by Dr. Monique Moultrie, featured a diverse interfaith panel of representatives from faith communities around metro Atlanta. This was great opportunity for students and faculty to engage with religious perspectives both inside and outside academia.

Event Recording

Screening of “Forever Purge,” September 28, 2021, with panel discussion, featuring:

  • Professor Emily Torstveit Ngara — GSU Assistant Clinical Professor and Director of the Immigration Clinic
  • Professor Volkan Topalli — GSU Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Anthony Dannar — GSU PhD Candidate in the School of Film, Media & Theatre program
  • Pamela Peynado – Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group
  • Andre Regan — GSU PhD candidate in the School of Film, Media & Theatre program

Cosponsored with Center for Ethics Student Forum and Cinefest.

Panelists at the “Forever Purge” screening discuss ethical themes the film raised. Pictured L-R are Anthony Dannar, Prof. Volkan Topalli, Pamela Peynado, esq., Prof. Emily Torstveit Ngara, and Andre Regan.


Virtual Presentation

March 12, 2021:   “We Are All Somebody’s Child: Disability, Speciesism, and the Problem of Dehumanization”

Joel Michael Reynolds is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Disability Studies at Georgetown University, a Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, a Senior Advisor to The Hastings Center, and core faculty in Georgetown’s Disability Studies Program.  This program was sponsored by the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics and Phi Sigma Tau (Zeta, GA).

Event Recording


Donny Shahar presents on climate change to a packed house on 11/18/19, sponsored by the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics and the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program at GSU.

“Risk and Climate Change”: Mon 11/18/19.

Prof. Dan Shahar, Assistant Professor of Philosophy-Research, University of New Orleans: “Harm, Responsibility, and the Far-off Impacts of Climate Change”

Comments by Prof. Mindy Goldstein, Director of the Turner Environmental Law Clinic and director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program at Emory Law School.

Event brochure.

Event video: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


Panel discussion

October 17, 2019: “Student Debt, Education Opportunity, and Public Policy: A Panel Discussion,” featuring Prof. Deron Boyles, Jennifer Lee (Georgia Budget and Policy Institute) and Richard Lorenc (Foundation for Economic Education). Cosponsored with the GSU Office of Student Financial Services. Event brochure. Event audio.

From left to right: Prof. Deron Boyles, Jennifer Lee, and Richard Lorenc discuss student debt policy.


A conversation:

October 16, 2019: Race, Privilege and Speech, featuring Evan Chase and Lorenzo Murphy.  Cosponsored with the GSU Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program.

Event brochure.  Event audio.

A montage from the Oct 2019 Race and Privilege program at GSU. Clockwise from top right: Prof. Andrew I. Cohen introduces the event, Prof. Andrew Jason Cohen introduces the speakers, Evan Chase presents, and Lorenzo Murphy leads a discussion.


“Lunch with interesting people”

October 16, 2019: Jennifer Lee, policy analyst with the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. Cosponsored with Phi Sigma Tau (Zeta chapter, GA).

“Debt in College and Beyond: A Road-Map for Student Financial Literacy.” Cosponsored with the Financial Management Center

Date: September 11, 2019. Featuring expert speakers:

  • Kyle Brantley, Project Manager, Workplace Financial Wellness at Sun Trust
  • Atia Lindley, Director, Student Financial Management, Georgia State University
  • Brenton Peck, Senior Manager with the Financial Health Network

Event brochure. Event video: 1, 2, 3.

April 19, 2019
Sarah Burgess, University of San Francisco: “The Scandal of Identity, or How to Make a Scene”

February 9, 2017
Peter Balint, University of New South Wales, Canberra: “Liberal Neutrality”

February 8, 2016
Jacob Levy, McGill University, on campus speech freedom

November 2, 2016
Chad van Schoelandt, Tulane University, “Game Theory,” “The [il]legality of Prostitution”


February 25, 2015
Prof. Stephen Kershnar (Philosophy, SUNY-Fredonia) “A Defense of Interrogational Torture.”

February 26, 2015
Prof. Stephen Kershnar (Philosophy, SUNY-Fredonia) “Against Moral Responsibility.”  This talk later appeared as chapter 6 in Stephen Kershnar, Total Collapse: The Case Against Responsibility and Morality (Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2018).

April 15, 2015
Jessica Stern, “Politics and Immigration: A tug of war with millions of lives”

September 17, 2015
Adam Minter “Living on Junkyard Planet: A personal Perspective on Waste Dumping, Making a Living, and Dignity.”

November 17, 2015
Jessica Flanigan, (Jepson School of Leadership, Univ. of Richmond), “Against compulsory seatbelt laws”

November 18, 2015
Lori Watson (Philosophy, Univ. of San Diego):  “Political Liberalism and Marriage”
Brian Earp, University of Oxford, “Neuroenhancement of Love”

October 9, 2014
Kevin Vallier “Does Inequality Undermine the Welfare State? A Rawlsian Reconstruction of Thomas Piketty’s Political Philosophy.”

Coffee shop presentation by Prof. Shay Welch (philosophy, Spelman College), Java Vino, April 18, 2014.

Panel Discussion: Regulation and Freedom: May the State Force You to be Free? Alex Gourevitch, Asst. Prof. of Political Science, Brown University; James Otteson, Director, BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism, and Teaching Professor. April 8, 2014. Guest lecture by James Otteon on April 7, 2014 to a class on markets and morals. Guest lecture by Alex Gourevitch on April 9, 2014, to a class on markets and morals.

Panel Discussion: May the state force you to be free? On the role of regulation
April 8, 2014
Discussants: Alex Gourevitch (Political Theory, Brown University) and James Otteson (BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism, Wake Forest University)

September 5, 2013
Peter Vallentyne, philosophy, University of Missouri, spoke to students on themes from political theory.

Presentation:“In Praise of Exploitation”
October 11, 2013
Matt Zwolinski, philosophy, University of San Diego

March 28, 2013
James Stacey Taylor, philosophy, College of New Jersey, delivered a presentation to students about the possibility of legalizing markets in human body parts.

Brownbag Lunch: “Most Americans Shouldn’t Vote”
February 22, 2013
Jason Brennan, philosophy, Georgetown University,

Brownbag Lunch: “Messing with Contracts: Or, How Not to Help People”
November 30, 2012
Sasha Volokh, Emory University Law School

Brownbag Lunch: “The Four Pillars of a Free Society”
April 19, 2011
Brad Thompson, History, Clemson University

Presentation:“Legitimacy and (Natural) Rights”
April 20, 2011
Bas van der Vossen, philosophy, UNC-Greensboro

Brownbag Lunch:“The Economic Significance of Property Rights”
October 12, 2010
Scott Bullock, Institute of Justice, Washington, D.C.

Brownbag Lunch: “The History of Classical Liberalism”
Sept. 29, 2010
Brian Doherty, senior editor, Reason magazine.

Panel: “Careers in Public Policy”
Sept 28, 2010
Panelists: Carolyn Bourdeaux, Associate Professor of Public Management and Policy at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at GSU; Brian Doherty, senior editor, Reason magazine; Alan Essig, Executive Director of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute; Mary Margaret Lewis, General Counsel and Director of Development at the Georgia Public Policy Institute; Dan Werner, Deputy Legal Director of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Brownbag Lunch: “Tax Increases During a Recession: The Wrong Medicine for Georgia”
April 22, 2010
Featured Speaker: Professor Scott Beaulier (Economics, Mercer University).