Past Troy Moore Essay Contest Winners

Dylan Hill, “Coercion and Forced Vaccination,” 2023.

Denise Wong, “Bitcoin – The Fool’s Gold,” 2022

Davis Homrich, “Comparing Two Accounts of Necessary Violent Protest,” 2021.

Aaron Brown, “On the Role of Government Regulation: Regulators as Advocates”, 2020.

Oliver Flint, “Is ‘Do No Harm’ Enough? Negative Duties, Positive Duties, and Thomas Pogge’s Health Impact Fund”, 2018-19

Oliver Flint, “Arthur at the End of the World: A Schopenhauerian Extinction”, 2017-18

Taylor Bennett, “Who Knows Why We’re Laughing?” 2016-17

Nathan Douglas Ward, “Moral Responsibility and Epistemic Vice: A Reply to FitzPatrick on Rosen’s Moral Responsibility Skepticism” 2014-2015

A. Cameron Boone, “The Impossibility of Posthumous Harm” 2013-2014

Caitlin McCoyd “Gauthier’s Translucent Constrainers” 2012-2013

Christopher Fidalgo “The Tempering of a Defense: Further Critiques against Error Theory in light of Russ Shafer-Landau’s Ethical Nonnaturalism” 2011-2012

Pierce Randall  “The Sea Shepherds and Civil Disobedience” 2010-2011

John Raubach  “Killing and Letting Die: A Partial Defense of F.M. Kamm’s Intricate Ethics”  2009-2010

Lauren Wells  “Rights and the Dead: A Short Analysis”  2008-2009

Joel Keith Cates  “Socially Responsible:A Defense of Friedman’s conception of the Corporation”   2007-2008

Pamela J. Stubbart “Dirty Harry:One Problem, Two Resolutions”  2006-2007

James Soo Lee  “A Sound Society? A Critique of Gauthier’s Ethical Theory”  2005-2006