Ethics Bowl

Since 2010, the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics has sponsored a group of Georgia State’s best students to participate in Ethics Bowl tournaments. The GSU Ethics Bowl program is also grateful to acknowledge cosponsors: The Center for Ethics Student Forum and Phi Sigma Tau Zeta (GA).

Very briefly, the point of Ethics Bowl is for students to research and prepare arguments revolving around a series of cases in ethics, applied ethics, and public policy. Students prepare for the Ethics Bowl as part of an upper division class in ethics, Ethics and Contemporary Public Policy.

Students spend weeks preparing to present on these cases. The students on the academic team travel to various regional competitions. They immerse themselves in the research and practice extensively. They learn a lot. If they place among the best in the region, they are invited to the national competition in the Spring.

People who are curious about Ethics Bowl can contact the coach, Andrew I. People who are curious about Ethics Bowl can contact the coach, Andrew I. Cohen,  [email protected]. They can read about the Ethics Bowl at the website of the sponsoring professional organization, the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.

The 2022 GSU Ethics Bowl team performed the best of any team in the history of the program. They placed second in the highly competitive Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl.

The 2022 GSU Ethics Bowl team was: Cristina Abad, Alexis Adams, Hamza Ahmed, Tamia Campbell, Fatima Chex Arreaga, Jon Copeland, Nikki Fonville, Myles Griffin, Yaba Griffith, Emma Hill, Michale Lampros, Isaac Mazur, Will McArthur, Maham Moti, Lisa Nchinda, Joelyn Onyekachi, Maryum Rabia, Ebony Williams, and Michael Williams.

The GSU squad at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ethics bowl. Left to right: Coach Andrew I. Cohen, Isaac Mazur, Tamia Campbell, Lisa Nchinda, Nikki Fonville, Dylan Hill, Jon Copeland


Part of the GSU squad at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ethics Bowl. Coach Andrew I. Cohen stands behind the team, seated left to right: Isaac Mazur, Jon Copeland, Tamia Campbell, Dylan Hill, Lisa Nchinda, Nikki Fonville.

Ethics Bowl Teams since 2010