Ethics Bowl

Since 2010, the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics has sponsored a group of Georgia State’s best students to participate in Ethics Bowl tournaments. The GSU Ethics Bowl program is also grateful to acknowledge cosponsors: The Center for Ethics Student Forum and Phi Sigma Tau Zeta (GA).

Very briefly, the point of Ethics Bowl is for students to research and prepare arguments revolving around a series of cases in ethics, applied ethics, and public policy. Students prepare for the Ethics Bowl as part of an upper division class in ethics, Ethics and Contemporary Public Policy.

Students spend weeks preparing to present on these cases. The students on the academic team travel to various regional competitions. They immerse themselves in the research and practice extensively. They learn a lot. If they place among the best in the region, they are invited to the national competition in the Spring.

People who are curious about Ethics Bowl can contact the coach, Andrew I. People who are curious about Ethics Bowl can contact the coach, Andrew I. Cohen, They can read about the Ethics Bowl at the website of the sponsoring professional organization, the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.

The 2019 Georgia State University Ethics Bowl team is:

Elizabeth Autrey
Andrew Becham
Aaron Brown
Kathleen Dodd
David Fair
Elena Fernandez
McKay George
Daniel Heiser
Donovan Giardina
Ashari Hankerson
Sierra Landers
Kayla Majors
Samuel McCandless
Aaron Qureshi


The assistant coach and graduate advisor is Bridget Berdit (GSU MA candidate, 2021).

The GSU Ethics Bowl team competed in two regional competitions in 2019 and performed strongly, including a compelling 3-1 showing by one of the GSU squads at the Mid-Atlantic regional competition in Gainesville, GA.

Part of the 2019 GSU Ethics Bowl team before the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl in Jacksonville, FL. From left to right: Elena Fernandez, Aaron Qureshi, Dan Heiser, Aaron Brown, Donovan Giardina, Donovan Mattox, Andrew Becham, and Asst. Coach Bridget Berdit.
Proceeding clockwise from left: Donovan Giardina, Andrew Becham, Aaron Brown, and Dan Heiser prep for the 2019 SE regional bowl.
Elena Fernandez, Asst. Coach Bridget Berdit, and Donovan Mattox laugh over ice cream after the 2019 SE regional bowl.

The GSU ethics bowl team at the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Regional Ethics bowl in Gainesville, FL. Pictured left to right: Sam McCandless, Elena Fernandez, Donovan Giardina, Asst. Coach Bridget Berdit, Dan Heiser, McKay George, Andrew Becham, Donovan Mattox, Aaron Brown, Elizabeth Autrey.
The 2019 GSU Ethics Bowl team arguing among themselves before the Mid-Atlantic tournament.

One 2019 GSU Ethics Bowl squad facing a team from UNC at the Mid-Atlantic tournament. On right, from closest to farthest: Elena Fernandez, Elizabeth Autrey, and Donovan Mattox.


Ethics Bowl Teams, 2010-2018