Ethics Bowl Teams, 2010-2018

Some of the 2018 GSU Ethics Bowl team. Pictured L-R: Coach Andrew I. Cohen, Porter Enstrom, Elizabeth Autrey, T. Oliver Flint, Jazmin Garcia, Chase Huckabee, Dana Dellapi, Sara Abdulla (and a partly obscured Daniel Blanchard), Aaron Brown, Kinsey Williams, Hannah Townsend, Nicholas Weaver. Not pictured: Christopher Baleanu, Tyler Nguyen, Taylor Townsend, and Assistant Coach Gunnar Footh.

The 2017 GSU Ethics Bowl team, before their competition in Clearwater, FL: pictured L-R: Rachel Burke, Rabreekia Harrison, Claudia Creel, Dana Dellapi, John Dusch, Elizabeth Autrey, April Samataro, Hannah Flewallen, Assistant Coach Emily Tilton, Kristen Pounds, Gustavo Bautista, Raymond Evans, Coach Andrew I. Cohen. Not pictured: Na’Keora Bryant, Destiney Shorter.

Coach Cohen offers some last-minute tips to the GSU team sitting for a round of competition at the SE Regional Competition. Seated L-R: Hannah Flewallen, Dana Dellapi, Gustavo Bautista, Elizabeth Autrey, and John Dusch.


The 2016 GSU Ethics Bowl team was: Paria Almasi, William Batty, Taylor Bennett, Kimberly Bollo-Aponte, Mamta (Sanam) Chaudhary, Babefemi Fatade, Kelsey Griffin, Peter Jaraysi, William Lee, Samuel McCandless, Cindy Pham, Nicholas Ponzio, Kathryn Rion, Zachary Sadowski, Jonathan Waters.

Some of the 2015 GSU Ethics Bowl team, after the competition at Clearwater, FL. Pictured L-R: Mamta (Sanam) Chaudhary, Sam Cole, Sam McCandless, Lindsey Wilson, Assistant Coach Suzanne Neefus, Christian Pruitt, Gracen Short, Kathryn Rion. Not pictured: Azeen Afshar, Crystal Chisholm, Leesa Guarnotta, Kevin Harden, Ashley Houston, India Lewis, Graham McMurray, Sophia Welf.

Some of the 2014 GSU Ethics Bowl team, before the competition in Clearwater, FL. Pictured L-R: Lindsey Wilson, Dusty Moon, Cameron Boone, Aaron Wright, Citlaly Barron, Melanie Farnham, Ayesha Kirk, Nguyet Phung, Assistant Coach Suzanne Neefus, Ryan Le, Adrienne Schuchman, Kelley Ryver.

Some of the 2013 GSU Ethics Bowl team, before the competition in Clearwater, FL. Pictured L-R: Judy Kim, Evelyn Richardson, Taylor Mumford, Sarah Vogt, Chau Nguyen, Coach Andrew I. Cohen, Ryan Le, Cameron Boone, Andrew Weyant, Ayesha Kirk, Alexander Davis. Not pictured: Chelsea Coleman, Alexis Koutrelakos, Caitlin McCoyd, Maryum Rabia.

Some of the 2012 GSU Ethics Bowl team at Clearwater, FL. Pictured L-R: Darla Greaser, Anastasia Yashchuk, Leman Tatari, Jamie Hockett.

More of the GSU 2012 Ethics Bowl team. Pictured L-R: Gregory Jones, Jess Hullinger, Harold Crowe, Matthew Hiltman, Kevin Thurston, William Mason Arline, Joshua McCormack, Coach Andrew I. Cohen. Not pictured: Callie Hollander, Maryum Rabia, Joseph Shively.

Part of the 2012 squad after a competition with Florida State. Pictured L-R: Harold Crowe, Gregory Jones, William Mason Arline, Matthew Hiltman, Kevin Thurston.


The 2011 GSU Ethics Bowl team was: Onika Anglin, William Mason Arline, Jessica Burton, Fahad Chowdhury, Cary Claiborne, Yenipher De La Rosa, Curbe Dreher, Lizabeth Lyon-Brown, Joy Matthews, James Nichols, Isabela Quevedo, Amanda Walk.

Pictured in the newsletter photo are some of the GSU Ethics Bowl team, 2011, L-R: Jessica Burton, Joy Smith-Matthews, William Mason Arline, Onika Anglin, Cary Claiborne, Jim Nichols, Liz Lyon-Brown, Amanda Walk, Isabela Quevedo, and not pictured: Fahad Chowdhury, Yenipher de la Rosa, Curbe Dreher.


The 2010 GSU Ethics Bowl team was: Gabrielle Arrington, Jamie Bernhardt, Maria Caruso, Anthony Chavarria, Fahad Chowdhury, Christopher Fidalgo, Robert Harris, Sean Huff, Counsel McCullen, Claire Nicholas, Pierce Randall, John Raubach, Morgan Stern, Zachary Watts, Lindsey Wilson.