Conference on Moral Progress

Posted On September 26, 2022
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Conference on Moral Progress

March 23-24, 2023


  • Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia)
  • Hanno Sauer (Utrecht)
  • David Schmidtz (University of Arizona, and, West Virginia University)
  • And a symposium with:
  • Dale Jamieson (NYU)
  • Alex Zamalin (Rutgers)

Invited papers to include:

  • Jeffrey Carroll, (Philosophy, Bowling Green St. Univ.), “Do Rising (Economic) Tides Lift All (Moral) Boats?”
  • Maggie Fife (CUNY, Philosophy), “Collective Hope, Activist Movements, and Moral Progress”
  • Mario Ivan Juarez-Garcia (University of San Diego, Philosophy), “Political Corruption for Moral Progress”
  • Karolina Kudlek, (Utrecht University, Philosophy and Religious Studies & Ethics Institute), “Is there anything wrong with biomedically assisted moral progress?”
  • Andres Luco, (independent scholar), “The Epistemic Priority of Moral Progress”
  • Joshua May (University of Alabama-Birmingham, Philosophy) and Victor Kumar (Boston University, Philosophy), “Reasoning to Moral Progress”


Contact Andrew I. Cohen at [email protected] for schedule.