Prof. Predrag Cicovacki (the College of the Holy Cross), “The Meaning of Life”

Posted On April 1, 2021
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Please join us for a virtual presentation by Prof. Predrag Cicovacki (the College of the Holy Cross) on Tuesday March 30, 2021, 2:15-3:15 PM ET.

What is the meaning of life? Does life have a meaning inherent to it, or do we give life a meaning of our own? Is there any point to existence? In times when life seems to ask too much of us, why should we go on?

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In his new book, The Meaning of Life: A Quick Immersion (forthcoming with Tibidabo Publishing), Professor Predrag Cicovacki grapples with these challenging questions. The result is an exciting and accessible introduction to key issues and ideas surrounding the topic of the meaning of life.

Free admission; all are welcome.

Discussion/Q&A to follow the presentation.

Predrag Cicovacki is a Professor of Philosophy at the College of the Holy Cross (USA), where he has been teaching since 1991. He has also served as a visiting professor in Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, Serbia, France, and India. In the Fall-Winter of 2012-13, Professor Cicovacki was a Senior Fulbright-Nehru Fellow at the Malaviya Centre for Peace Research, at Banares Hindu University, Varanasi, India. His areas of specialization are problems of good and evil, violence and nonviolence, philosophy of war and peace, and ethics; and his teaching and research is often focused on the works of Kant, Hartmann, Schweitzer, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Gandhi. Over the course of his career, Professor Cicovacki has published over 100 essays in academic venues. These essays have been published in, or translated into, English, Serbian, German, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Professor Cicovacki has also authored and edited 18 books, the latest of which are The Luminosity of Love (2018) and Gandhi’s Footprints (2015)


This presentation is sponsored by the students of the Center for Ethics Student Forum, and the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics.