Christian List, “Group Agency and Artificial Intelligence”

Posted On February 11, 2021
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The Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics and the Philosophy Department are hosting a virtual presentation by Dr. Christian List on Friday, February  12, 2021, at 1:00 PM ET.

This event is part of the JBB Center’s Spring 2021 Speakers Series-  “Ethical Dialogues Across the Virtual University – Multidisciplinary Perspectives.”

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Title: Group Agency and Artificial Intelligence

Abstract: Group agents, like corporations, share important similarities with artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems.  Are individual humans always responsible for those entities’ actions, or could the entities bear the responsibility themselves? Could they even have rights and a moral status? I will discuss when and why artificial intelligent systems, like corporate entities, might qualify as responsible moral agents and as holders of limited rights and legal personhood.

The draft of Dr. List’s paper from which his talk derives can be found here:


Christian List is Professor of Philosophy and Decision Theory at LMU Munich and Co-Director of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. He was previously Professor of Philosophy and Political Science at the London School of Economics, with which he retains a connection. He works at the intersection of philosophy, economics, and political science, with a particular focus on individual and collective decision-making and the nature of intentional agency. He was awarded the 2010 Social Choice and Welfare Prize (jointly with Franz Dietrich) for his work on judgment aggregation and the 2020 Joseph B. Gittler Award of the American Philosophical Association for his book Why Free Will is Real (Harvard University Press, 2019).


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