“Ballot Access, Voter Fraud, and Voter Suppression: A Panel Discussion”

Posted On October 2, 2020
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“Ballot Access, Voter Fraud, and Voter Suppression: A Panel Discussion”

October 13, 2020: 3:45-5:00 PM ET

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Some critics warn of risks of widespread voter fraud in our upcoming election. Others complain there is little evidence of such fraud and reply that the greater worry is ballot access, particularly for underrepresented communities. With concerns about numbers of polling places and ID requirements, some critics warn that policies should be more carefully crafted to be appropriately inclusive of eligible voters.

Join a virtual panel discussion on this important topic, featuring:

· Enrijeta Shino, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of North Florida

· Thessalia Merivaki, Assistant Professor in American Politics at Mississippi State University.

· Andrea Young, Executive Director, ACLU of Georgia.

Free/quick registration at https://tinyurl.com/y2t9d7ue

These events are supported by Georgia Humanities and campus partners at GSU including The Center for Human Rights and Democracy, The Office of Civic Engagement, The Center for Studies on Africa and its Diaspora, the Department of Philosophy, the Center for Law, Health & Society, the GSU program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.