Programs on moral injury: April 11-12, 2019 conference and symposium on moral injury

Posted On September 7, 2018
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Conference on moral injury:

Humanistic Perspectives on Moral Injury, 11-12 April 2019.

The Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics announces a conference at Georgia State University about moral injury. On many accounts, moral injury is a form of trauma one may have from participating in or witnessing an act that challenges deeply held values. There are reports of moral injury among members of the armed forces, medical practitioners, journalists, first responders, and others. This conference will feature original research by leading experts and scholars who will draw on the tools of the humanities to theorize moral injury. We will feature presentations that explore the normative dimensions and implications of trauma for understandings of political authority, interpersonal accountability, civic duty, collective agency/responsibility, recovery from historic injustice, and related themes.