Conference: “Overcriminalization and Indigent Legal Care”

Posted On August 15, 2016
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April 6 and 7, 2017 – Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

The Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics at Georgia State University

Keynote speakers:

  • Doug Husak (Philosophy, Rutgers University), “The Politicization of Overcriminalization”. Troy Moore Library (25 Park Pl., 23rd floor), Th 4/6 @ 10:30
  • Jelani Jefferson Exum (Law, University of Toledo), Overcriminalized and Undervalued: The Effects of Purposeless Punishment.” Troy Moore Library (25 Park Pl., 23rd floor), Fri April 7, 9:30
  • David Boonin (Philosophy, University of Colorado), “The Overcriminalization of Abortion in the United States”. Troy Moore Library (25 Park Pl., 23rd floor), F 4/7 @ 4 PM.

Free and open to all.

Complete schedule available at conference registration.

  • Conference registration time/location: Th April 6, 9:45-noon – Troy Moore Library (25 Park Place NE, 23rd floor)
  • Conference registration time/location: Th April 6, Noon – 4 PM, and Fri April 7, 9AM-4PM: GSU Philosophy Department (25 Park Place, 16th floor)

More info: Andrew Cohen, [email protected]

There has been growing lay and scholarly concern with the access to legal services available to poorer persons in our society. Many commentators note that moral and policy difficulties of related trends are compounded by what some see as overcriminalization. This interdisciplinary conference will bring together leading scholars in philosophy, legal theory, and related fields to present original scholarship on these issues.

Speakers to include:

Prof. Jennifer Baker, Department of Philosophy, College of Charleston, “Our Complicity in Overcriminization: Virtue Ethics and our Arrest Rates”.

Prof. Gustavo A. Beade, School of Law, University of Buenos Aires, “Who can blame whom? Moral Standing to Blame and Punish deprived citizens”.

Prof. David Birks, Research Fellow in Legal and Political Philosophy, Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, Oxford University: “Punishment, Inequality, and the Indigent”.

Prof. Wendy Calaway, University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash “Overcriminalization and Prosecutorial Discretion:   How the War on Crime Became the War on the Indigent”.

Prof. Benjamin Ewing, Duke University Law School, “Learning their Lesson: What Repeat Offenders Teach Us about Criminal Justice”.

Prof. Chad Flanders, St. Louis University School of Law, “Overcriminalization and the ‘Hard’ Problem of Mass Incarceration”

Prof. Stephen Kershnar, Department of Philosophy, State University of New York at Fredonia, “Overcriminalization and Rights”.

Prof. Daniel Koltononski, Department of Philosophy, University of Delaware: “Access to Legal Services and the Authority of Law”.

Jake Monaghan, University of Buffalo, Dept. of Philosophy, “Problems for Proceduralism.”

Keagan Potts, Western Michigan University, Department of Philosophy, “Affirming the Legitimacy of Police Immunity”.

Prof. Anna Roberts, Seattle University School of Law, “Dismissals as Justice”.

Jennifer Tillman, SUNY-Albany, Department of Philosophy, “Institutionalized Stigma and Persons with Mental Illnesses: A Rawlsian Critique”.

Sponsored by: Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics, Center for Access to Justice, Center for Ethics – Student Forum, Phi Sigma Tau – Zeta (GA) Chapter, Charles Koch Foundation, John Templeton Foundation via the Institute for Humane Studies, and Georgia State University Research Foundation .