Adam Minter Talk: Living on Junkyard Planet

Posted On August 11, 2015
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Adam Minter will give a talk, “Living on Junkyard Planet: A Personal Perspective on Waste Dumping, Making a Living, and Dignity.” He is author of the best-selling Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion Dollar Trash Trade” has spent the last 15 years traveling to the world’s recycling sites and waste dumps, exploring the ever-expanding world of globalized recycling. Unlike most journalists who have worked on the topic, Adam comes to it from a personal perspective. Born into a Minneapolis junkyard family, he’s used his deep connection to the junk trade to establish close relationships with the workers and business people who define it. In his talk, Adam will dispute the idea that the export of recyclable waste to the developing world represents a shifting of responsibilities – a “dumping” – while highlighting the key role that it’s played in offering disadvantaged populations an entrepreneurial opportunity.