Symposium on “The Ethics of Police Tactics”

Posted On November 6, 2014
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Monday , November 10,   1:30-2:45 PM, Lanier Suite, GSU Student Center

Panel discussion featuring Prof. Jennifer Baker (College of Charleston, Philosophy) and GSU criminology professors Mary Finn and Josh Hinkle.

In light of recent clashes in Ferguson, MO, and elsewhere, the proper role of the police is of special importance and controversy. Our panelists will consider recent trends in policing and how reflecting on the tools and principles of ethics can help us to understand the proper role and limits of policing in a free society. Among the big themes will be the militarization of police and recent clashes with civilians. Our expert panelists include Prof. Jennifer Baker (philosophy, College of Charleston) and GSU criminology professors Mary Finn and Josh Hinkle.

The police force is one of the most important and visible parts of the state. We depend on it to maintain order and keep us safe. But we sometimes worry about how the police should interact with civilians and what tools should be at their disposal. The challenges they face are serious and deadly. Figuring out how to balance our concerns with safety, order, and justice is no easy matter. Having this discussion can help improve our understanding of these challenges and advance the conversation about what justifies and limits what the police may do.