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What is justice? What is virtue? Which values should we pursue and cherish? Which principles of conduct are we obligated to respect and uphold? How do those values and principles give meaning and direction to our lives? These are among the central questions of ethics, and it is difficult to see how any questions could be more important for a person to think about and to do so with care, imagination, and rigor. The aim of The Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics is to foster fruitful engagement with the whole range of ethical questions, from those that concern the private life of the individual to those that confront all of humanity.

About the Center

The Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics seeks to enhance moral reflection, dialogue and constructive action on campus, in greater Atlanta and beyond.


We foster original research in conferences, workshops, colloquia, and symposia.


We provide a variety of services in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

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