Annual Student Philosophy Symposium

Annual Georgia State Student Philosophy Symposium
Friday February 17th, 2017

Keynote speaker: Professor Sinan Dogramaci, Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin

Undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines encouraged to submit their work on any philosophical topic.

See the schedule here.

Previous keynotes:

2016: William G. Lycan, Philosophy, UNC-Chapel Hill/ University of Connecticut
2015: Rachana Kamtekar, Philosophy, University of Arizona
2014: February 8, Rebecca Kukla, Philosophy, Georgetown University “Medicalization, ‘Normal Function’, and the Definition of Health.”
2013: Alastair Norcross, Philosophy, University of Colorado
2012: Valerie Tiberius, Philosophy, U-Minnesota, Twin Cities
2011: Marcia Baron, Philosophy, Indiana University
2010: David Schmidtz, Philosophy, University of Arizona
2009: Mark Murphy, Philosophy, Georgetown

Sponsored by the Zeta Chapter (Georgia) of Phi Sigma Tau, The Center for Ethics – Student Forum, and The Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics – all at Georgia State University